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Compare this version of “Gimme Shelter” recorded in Oakland, CA on November 9th, 1969. It’s a rough bootleg but they sound pretty tight. But the menace and tension in the Altamont performance is completely missing here.

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An incredibly strange album of sunshine pop and jazz with baroque touches and psychotherapy inspired lyrics. Great album cover where two groovy sex bombs, a hippy Betty and Veronica perhaps, face off while locked in a lesbian eye embrace while some four-eyed troglodyte lurks menacingly in the background probably thinking, “Kiss her! Kiss her! Wrestle her in honey! That’ll show her!”

The music was composed by Gene Di Novi who played piano on the Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention album Freak Out.

The lyrics were written by Tony Velona who wrote the easy listening classics “Lollipops & Roses” and “Music To Watch Girls By”.

The two beauties sharing vocal duties are Lynn Dolin (AKA Lynn Mann) and B.J. Ward.

Niiiice!! Shot by Ron Vogel. Girl Illustrated #31, 1969.

I own the color slide on the bottom from this shoot.

Other people online claim this is Sophia Dawn, a British model that Harrison Marks shot but this is definitely not the same gal. But it’s a start.

Love the classified featuring a donkey and ???


It’s All For Sale.

Also, legalize dope now.

The hippies raped him and they told him how much it was going to cost!

Man’s Combat Dec 1969

The coat that covered paradise, uncovered Hell!


Venus in Furs (1969)

aka “Paroxismus - Può una morta rivivere per amore?”

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