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Enchanting! Miss Ann-Margret is one of my favorites. She rocks!

"The Bizarre Beauties of Barbarella"

Playboy March 1968.

Gara Granda (real name is Lina Maryan) was another Italian starlet with a minor amount of movie roles and the occasional appearance in men’s magazines including the seminal UK mags Span and Spick.

"The Bizarre Beauties of Barbarella"

Playboy March 1968.

Article features Jane Fonda alongside Anita Pallenberg and a miscellaneous assortment of nude starlets from the film. Will post page scans as well as high quality images from the article.

Iconic UK fashion model Chrissie Shrimpton shot by David Bailey in the 60’s

While I am here, some more Lois Mitchell because oh my god she is sooooooooo beautiful


One of the greatest psych bands of all time. Listen…



She stood on the edge of my mind

I tried to push her away…

Natalie Wood

Another vintage slide of goddess Lois Mitchell. Such a magical little face.

A few awesome examples of Wil Hulsey art for the men’s adventure or “sweat” mags.

Man’s Life, May 1957 “Chewed to Bits by Giant Turtles!”

True Men Stories, February 1957 “Lizards From Hell!”

Man’s Life, May 1958 “Pleasure-Mad Bachelor Girls Run Wild!”

True Men Stories, December 1959 “The Medical Racket is Robbing You Blind!”

Man’s Life, February 1960 with original Hulsey painting! Niiiiiice.

Gah. Ewa Aulin.

More Ewa Aulin.


Ewa Aulin


Ewa Aulin

Vintage 60’s model photos by Ron Vogel (Playboy, etc.)

Models, exact dates unknown. Any info would be appreciated!

(Potentially top to bottom: Jerry Baldwin, Diane Rylands and unknown)

Love the classified featuring a donkey and ???


It’s All For Sale.

Also, legalize dope now.

Ann-Margret being sooooo incredibly beautiful. Gah.

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