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Piero Umiliani is quickly becoming one of my favorite go to artists when I edit photos and need music playing.

From the soundtrack to the 1970 Italian Giallo (Italian Eurosleaze Crime Erotica) film 5 Bambole Per La Luna D’Agosto AKA 5 Dolls For An August Moon.

Umiliani is probably best known as the composer of “Mah Nà Mah Nà” which the Muppets performed multiple times on both Sesame Street and The Muppet Show but I love his soundtracks for Euro sexploitation films, spaghetti westerns and Eurospy flicks.

The Allure of Bad Filmmaking and Exploitation Films

One of the reasons I think I love terrible movies from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s so much is because I get the impression from the principals involved that they had NO IDEA they were making something so GOD AWFUL. I watch them and think, “These people thought they were making a great movie.” They put everything they had into making these damn things and on top of that, got them released and distributed. Wow.

Compared to today where you see a bad movie and it’s just bad because a bunch of shitty overpaid fucks on a committee sat around figuring out how to take a great comic book like John Constantine: Hellblazer and turn into a shitty Keanu Reeves movie to capitalize on the success of The Matrix. There’s no love. Just a bottom line.

Plus I’ve always liked monster movies and quite frankly most of the old monster movies were not created by the most talented people in the biz. There are exceptions, of course, but for every masterpiece like Tod Browning’s Freaks or Jack Arnold’s Creature From The Black Lagoon there were a million flicks like Beast of Yucca Flats and The Creeping Terror out there that you wonder how they even got made in the first place.

And regardless of how bad the movie was you could usually count on it to have at least one hot chick in it. If nothing else, there was eye candy. And by the 1970’s nudity was just as common place as using red paint for blood! No matter how bad the movie was you knew you wouldn’t have to wait long to see a breast and be like, “Oh my god, titties!”

Sometimes you’d watch and want to take a hostage. “Just end already!!! Sheesh.” Sometimes they were so awful they were just downright hysterical. Especially to watch them amongst friends. Or drunk. An hour and a half just laughing your ass off at complete incompetence and atrocious acting.

They’re guilty pleasures. Eventually they start to grow on you like the “meteor shit” in Creepshow. As I got older I’d stumble across terrible old movies I remembered seeing as a kid on “Creature Features” and such and the temptation to purchase them was overpowering.

And now today I am quite fascinated and enamored of them. It’s not enough to just watch them and groan. I want to know more about them and see more of them. The worse it is, the better!

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The Hillbilly Hooker

Was she too old at 14? She may have been poor white trash but ‘Fancy’ was her name.

Jeezy creezy!

"Men were just meat to be used and abused!"

Awesome poster for Mama’s Dirty Girls, the 1974 exploitation classic starring Gloria Grahame as Mama Love who teaches her three teenage daughters to meet, marry and murder men for cold, hard cash!

Also stars Sondra Currie whose sister Cherie Currie was a fucking punk rock icon and founder of the Runaways.

Believe it or not this is the sequel to 1969’s The Babysitter. Shame it wasn’t a trilogy like the Lord of the Rings. While a movie producer frolics with the babysitter and her hippy friends, his junkie wife becomes the captive of a drug dealer. Hilarity ensues.

Love the classified featuring a donkey and ???


It’s All For Sale.

Also, legalize dope now.

The Sin-Steeped Story of Today’s “Beat” Generation

Live Fast Die Young

The Sin-Steeped Story of Today’s “Beat” Generation


Live Fast Die Young

She’s all out for kicks…and every inch of her spells EXCITEMENT

Incredible Kitten With A Whip movie poster starring Ann-Margret.


Gator Bait (1974)

No rig was too big for them to handle!


Truck Stop Women (1974)

Dynamite Women movie poster (1976) AKA The Great Texas Dynamite Chase

They’ll blow you away! Esp the lovely Claudia Jennings. RIP.

Slave of the Cannibal God movie poster.

Their cult was death…Their lust was for blood!

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